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Permaculture Artisans     Permaculture Artisans

Permaculture Artisans is a licensed and bonded full service ecological landscape and farm company. We design, build and maintain quality land based systems.

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Permaculture Artisans offers a wide range of services in designing and building regenerative landscapes, farms, and neighborhoods. Our goal as an Ecological Landscape and Farm company is to create natural systems that support the health of the surrounding ecosystems by building soil, supporting wildlife, catching rainwater, installing appropriate plant species, and building beneficial human relationships throughout the landscape.

While striving to meet our clients’ goals, our designs mimic regenerative ecological systems and patterns. All of our landscapes work with natural energy flows such as air movement, water flows, existing animal paths, fire corridors, view sectors, soil types, human access needs, and more.

Through years of experience, Permaculture Artisans can build in nearly any type of ecosystem. Whether it is a wetland, dryland, steep slope, or heavily forested system - whatever the characteristics of the site may be - we work to heal and regenerate it. We offer our services for commercial or residential sites and are willing to work with municipalities and non-profit organizations

We are committed to the three ethics below:

Care of Earth

We are an ecological landscape and farm design and build company. This means that we use organic and natural fertilizers, amendments, and pest control instead of chemicals. We work with the natural patterns, resources and limitations of the land.

We have the utmost care for the health, beauty and functionality of your land and in helping to accomplish your goals.

Care of People

We create a productive and positive work environment and strive to take good care of our workers, clients, sub-contractors, and project related persons. We communicate with respect and collaboration in these relationships.

Re-invest Surplus

In order to accomplish the above ethics, we invest surplus resources into refining our business model in order to provide our ecological design services in a broader way and take the best care of the people and the Earth. .

Permaculture Artisans’ Designs

Permaculture Artisans’ resourceful designs are not only beautiful but also save energy, and grow food, fiber, medicine, and soil. Additionally, they conserve and store water, and provide habitat for beneficial insects and wildlife.

We custom design and build according to a client’s needs and goals, and their land’s specific climate, soil, water, slope, plants, and other characteristics related to the site. Our services are versatile to meet the needs of any core issues like erosion, high wind, fire danger, or flooding.

We provide everything from 6144465312 and water features to large farms and gardens. Check out our services panel to see the variety of systems we design.


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