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ShineACS Technology Limited is the premier provider wide range of door access control systems products, door access control, and gate access control systems


Has a number of senior sales and technical staffs in the field of door access control systems, in a time to provide the most reasonable access control security solutions


Offer you the best suitable door access control solution in the different area. Like a hospital, home, hotel, business building and other access control security system solution


Providing high-quality door access control system products, proximity card reader, access controller, power supply, time attendance, locking device, and  Accessories

Access Control System Configuration Guide

If you have access control project need to process, and don’t know how to choose and configure all door access control system products. ShineACS will offer you a best suitable solution and products for your project.

Access Control System Configuration is always important for your access control project, you need to know what exactly access control products and components you will use for each part




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ShineACS Latest Products

Standalone Access Control Card Reader

Stand alone access control card reader. If it is just a stand alone access control system for a door, then choose a simple stand alone access control card reader as the information processing and control device for the access control systems.

The stand alone access control card reader is the access control products that combines the card reader and the access controller. It has a stand-alone type and a networked type.

Compared with the networked access control system separated from the card reader and the controller, the cost is lower, but due to the control is partially exposed, with a slightly lower security level, is often used by users who have an only single access point in some companies

The stand alone access control system cannot communicate with the computer, and the access control settings permission is set on the keyboard or the mother card of the machine.

There is also some access control stand alone single door system machines that are authorized to make cards such as a keypad with a liquid crystal display.

Time attendance access control device: also called fingerprint access control & time attendance system device, it is mainly used for company attendance management of employees.

The access control installation on the company’s door can effectively prevent outside salesmen from entering the company to disrupt office order, and can effectively prevent outsiders from entering the company and ensure the safety of the company and employees’ property.

Advantage: It can effectively track whether employees are leaving. The time attendance management software can be used for attendance without a clock, the attendance results are more objective and fair, and the statistics are fast and accurate.Can greatly reduce the work intensity and workload of the personnel department.

It can effectively solve the problem that some employees have to change the key of the door after leaving the company.
It is convenient and flexible to arrange any person’s permission and door opening time for each door. Just carry a card, no need to wear a lot of heavy keys, and the security is more reassuring than the key.

Standalone Access Control Card Reader

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